1. Marketing System 

Our marketing system provides you with anything you may need to successfully market the We Buy Houses® brand in your territory! We have many different marketing strategies and materials ready for you to utilize! Some of our materials include:

Picture2To look at more marketing materials, click here. Not only will you have access to these materials, you will also gain advice on numerous marketing strategies such as YouTube, Facebook, online and offline marketing. Our marketing team strives to bring you the best marketing materials in a way that will accelerate your We Buy Houses® brand in your territory! We do all the marketing, so you only have to focus on your deals!

We also have marketing strategies for reaching:

  • Absentee Owners with Equity
  • High-equity Owners in Targeted Geographic Areas
  • Probate – Executors/Personal Representatives & Heirs
  • Spanish Speaking Homeowners
  • And many more “motivated seller” market segments!

All of our marketing materials and strategies are available so that you can BECOME WeBuyHouses® in your territory. Maximize your usage of our marketing materials to ensure that everyone knows who you are. When the time comes for them to sell their house, they should only have one number in mind, and that’s YOURS.

2. What Do You Get?



 Access to WeBuyHouses.com You are EXCLUSIVELY WeBuyHouses.com in your territory.
All web leads will be directed immediately to you via email
or text message, so you can contact them before they find
someone else!
 Local and Toll-free # Having your own local number will install trust in your clients!
You will also be able to keep track of your call logs.
 Facebook Page Use your personalized Facebook page to promote your materials to
your market. Take advantage of Facebook ads and boost posts to reach more people!
Google Places You will rank high on Google search by having a Google places, which
will draw more people to your page.
 Deal Calculator Be able to calculate how much you should offer for the property
while you negotiate. It will allow you to account for any repairs
that need to be made, etc.
 Marketing Support You would of course benefit off all of our marketing support including
direct mail, Google adwords, managed accounts, etc. You will also get
great prices on lists, almost 50% off the market price. Focus your time
on doing deals and not the marketing!
 WeBuyHouses.com email Give off a professional image with your own webuyhouses.com email!
People are more willing to contact you if you have a professional email.
 Training Videos Get access to numerous training videos that will show you the
do’s from the don’ts. Learn everything you need to know to be
successful in this business!
 Commercial  Have a commercial that is ready-to-use! You will be able to post it
on your Facebook page or YouTube channel to gain more leads.
 Wholesale Accelerator Course Get a three-set video piece for FREE, originally priced at $199,
that will teach you all you need to know about wholesaling.
Managed Accounts Have our marketing team manage YOUR advertising accounts
(YouTube, Facebook, etc.) We’ll keep track of the analytics, and
send you updates.
Consumer Trust We Buy Houses® has Top-of-Mind-Awareness in consumers. Consumers trust
We Buy Houses® as the most professional home buyers in America.

Aside from all of these features, we are working on creating special packages to give you extra marketing tools (business cards, WBH folders, etc.) when you sign up with us!

3. How Much Does It Cost?

License prices are based on cities/counties population. For pricing on a specific territory, contact us at 1-877-WeBuyHouses

Aside from the licensing fee, a marketing budget of at least $500-700 is typically needed in order to maximize your market potential. Without marketing, it is impossible to get any deals.

This will include exclusivity in that area as well as access to all of our marketing support. Our number one goal is to make our investors successful!! Contact us today at 1-877-WeBuyHouses to see if your territory is available!

Want to Learn More? 

Visit these pages to learn more about the whole process from receiving leads to routing calls:


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