First and foremost, our mission is to make our investors successful in their territory through our marketing strategies and business support.

We Buy Houses® is essentially a REI “Business in a Box”! We offer a brand, systems, strategies, support, and education in order to ensure real estate investors have all the tools they need in order to find success in their market. Having a well-known brand will immediately push you ahead of your competitors. People are more likely to trust a name they already know, so take advantage of the license! This will allow you to give off a professional image, which is really important when you’re trying to stand out from the competition.

Everything you need in order to succeed in the real estate investing business is included in our REI “Business in a Box”. Take advantage of our coaching, marketing strategies, support, advice, and much more!

REI Business-in-a-Box

Brand We are a trusted national name and domain. When you license with us,
you gain your own WBH identity, including a website, email, and local
as well as toll-free number! Needless to say, you will gain instant
awareness in the market since we have been around for years. Take
advantage of our brand and convey a professional image that people TRUST.
Systems Our systems include your own website, phone system, and lead
tracking system. Keep track of your leads and call logs in order
to maximize your profits and minimize your time and effort. Landing
pages are also available for our licensees!
Strategies We provide over 20 marketing strategies to help you market your
brand in your territory! We also have tons of marketing materials
available for online as well as offline marketing. Our targeted
strategies can reach a wide range of people including absentees,
high-equity owners, probate, etc.
Support & Education You would gain exclusive access to our wide range of training videos.
Coaching and turn-key marketing services are also available to our licensees.
We’ll take care of the marketing, so you can focus on the deals!


We offer our services in twofold: our brand license and state-of-the-art coaching. Through our brand license, you will have access to various marketing strategies, materials, and resources that will give you an edge over your competitors. Our coaching will equip you with the knowledge to execute deals smoothly through our numerous training videos. A coach will be there to help make sure you are on the right path and give you advice so that you can make the best business decisions.

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