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WBH-TV-2Welcome to WBH-TV, the premium channel for real estate investors!  We’re pleased that you could stop by to check out our growing marketing education series of videos.  We produce FREE, HIGH-QUALITY, NO-B.S. education for residential real estate investors, and these videos will be help you grow your business whether you are a licensee or not.  So, enjoy these videos and be sure to check back in to see what’s new on WBH-TV!


Program 15 – Secrets of Successful Real Estate Investors |  Lindsay Davis – Birmingham, Alabama

Program 14 – Secrets of Successful Real Estate Investors | Jacoby Madewell – Lubbock/Amarillo, Texas

sosrei video with jacoby madewell preview

Program 13 – Secrets of Successful Real Estate Investors – James Wachob, Memphis/Nashville, TN


Program 12 – Secrets of Successful Real Estate Investors – Travis & Janie Schurr, Las Vegas, NV


Program 11 – Marketing Monday @ We Buy Houses Series

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Program 10 – Secrets of Successful RE Investors – In Waco w/ Steven Johnson

Steven Johnson, the business owner of We Buy Houses Waco shares his secrets on how he handles the buy, fix, flip process of home renovation.


Program 9 – Secrets of Successful RE Investors – Steven Johnson (Part One)

Steven Johnson, the business owner of We Buy Houses Waco shares his secrets on how to handle calls, appointments, and get the deal.


Program 8 – The WHOLESALE ACCELERATOR Course (Video #1)

Don’t pay thousands for some guru to teach you how to do “wholesale” flips.  The experts at walk you through the entire process from your initial meeting with the seller to the closing at the title company (where you get PAID).


Program 7 – HOW TO: Use to Create an Absentee Owner List

We’re experts in direct mail and we’re often asked how to use to create a absentee owner list.  In this video, marketing VP Dev Horn shares our “best practice” for getting a well-defined list from this service provider. (Length 7:10)


Program 6 – Create Your Buyers List Using Google Docs

This new video is very “tactical” – it was created to solve a very specific problem with an easy solution that anyone can use (if they have a GMail account).  People ask us all the time about the best way to create and maintain their buyers list.  We’ll show you how in this quick video! (Length 8:54)


Program 5 – The Search for Motivated Sellers (REI Marketing Strategy)

This information could literally TRANSFORM the way you define and operate your real estate business.  The biggest challenge we face as RE investors is FINDING MOTIVATED SELLERS.  In this 22-minute video, VP of Marketing Dev Horn gives you marketing KNOWLEDGE and STRATEGIES that you can use to gain an advantage in this competitive marketplace. (Length 22:45)


Program 4 – The Secrets of Successful Real Estate Investors – Show #1

This is our first show in a mini-series called “Secrets of Successful Real Estate Investors”. We work with hundreds of real estate investors throughout the country – and we talk to thousands of you guys every year.  We can’t help but notice the characteristics that separate SUCCESSFUL investors from the pack!  Our focus on this first episode is on the PSYCHOLOGY OF THE SELLER RELATIONSHIP. (Length 30:53)


Program 3 – The Proper Handling of Business Phone Calls

YOU COULD BE LOSING 80% OF YOUR CALLS IF YOU MAKE THIS COMMON MISTAKE – watch to learn what it is and how to avoid it!  In this episode, Dev Horn – VP of Marketing at (and a 30-year marketing veteran) – demonstrates the RIGHT and WRONG ways to handle your incoming phone calls.  Based upon an actual case study of incoming calls to investors. (Length 6:20)


Program 2 – Creating Campaigns that Fit Your Budget

In this second episode in the series, Dev shows how to create direct mail campaigns based upon how much you have to invest in your marketing budget.  Even though the focus is on REI and direct mail in this episode, the concepts apply to any small business. (Length 8:16)


 Program 1 – Marketing & The Rule of 7

In this episode, Dev explains a concept in marketing called the Rule of 7 and how it applies to real estate investing (REI).  Although the examples are specific to REI, the concept of the Rule of 7 applies to just about any business. (Length 7:14)


WBH-works-728x90-pat-03“The only person you are destined to become is the person you decide to be.”
—Ralph Waldo Emerson—


We have other videos that are available to LICENSEES only.  Contact Dev if you’d like to find out what we offer to licensees.

DISCLAIMER:  The marketing program is not a franchise.  It is sold as an exclusive license to use the We Buy Houses & brands and marketing systems within a defined geographic territory.  We do not train our clients in this business; the marketing program is designed for use by professional real estate investors that already have established processes for buying and selling real estate.  We do not exert any control over the business operations of our licensees, and we do not require them to share their business results, proceeds or profits with us.  We do not require our licensees to advertise or invest in any paid advertising programs.  The marketing strategies, materials, vendor recommendations and support that we offer are all optional and intended to help our licensees make better use of the brand(s) and systems that we provide.  Our licensees are free to choose any vendor(s) they wish for marketing materials, and they are not required to market their business under the We Buy Houses or brands.

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