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Marketing Monday @ We Buy Houses®

WBH-TV-2Welcome to WBH-TV, the premium channel for real estate investors!  We’re pleased that you could stop by to check out our growing marketing education series of videos.  We produce FREE, HIGH-QUALITY, NO-B.S. education for residential real estate investors, and these videos will be help you grow your business whether you are a licensee or not.  This page features our show Marketing Monday @ We Buy Houses®, a weekly marketing education series mainly focused on real estate investing, while still providing valuable information that could be applied to your marketing strategies in any industry.



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Critical Mistakes Even Seasoned Investors Make

Is Direct Mail Dead?

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Winning With Wholesaling – Part 2 of 3

Winning With Wholesaling – Part 3 of 3

Psychology of the Successful Real Estate Investor

Psychology of the Happy Home Seller