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There is a wide range of media that may be used for marketing your business, including:

“Winners take imperfect action while losers are still perfecting the plan.” ~ Tony Robbins

DISCLAIMER:  The marketing program is not a franchise.  It is sold as an exclusive license to use the We Buy Houses & brands and marketing systems within a defined geographic territory.  We do not train our clients in this business; the marketing program is designed for use by professional real estate investors that already have established processes for buying and selling real estate.  We do not exert any control over the business operations of our licensees, and we do not require them to share their business results, proceeds or profits with us.  We do not require our licensees to advertise or invest in any paid advertising programs.  The marketing strategies, materials, vendor recommendations and support that we offer are all optional and intended to help our licensees make better use of the brand(s) and systems that we provide.  Our licensees are free to choose any vendor(s) they wish for marketing materials, and they are not required to market their business under the We Buy Houses or brands.

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