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There is a lot you can do, starting RIGHT NOW, to drive traffic to your page(s) on the website.

Your success as a We Buy Houses® licensee is tied to your local marketing and Search Engine Optimization (SEO) – the practice of getting your web site to rank highly in the natural (free!) search results on Google, Yahoo and Bing.   Follow these recommendations to get the highest value from your participation in We Buy Houses®.

3 steps to start your SEO strategy: 

1. Create Your Google My Business (LICENSEES: We do this step for you now; you will get a postcard from Google to verify the page we create for you.)

Step A: Go to

Step B: Click on “Start Now” and search for your business according to the name or address. (You must have a Google account to do this.) If it does not show up or if you’re certain that is the address, Google will prompt you to enter in details of your business.

Step C: After you submit the address, Google will ask you to verify it. It will more than likely be through a postcard they send to your address, or it can also be through your phone. Once you receive the postcard, there will be a code that you will be able to enter into Google to verify your business location.

2. Select Your Top 3 Cities and Your Profile Page

Look at your territory and select the top 3 cities that would potentially bring the most traffic.

The format for your city page is:

For example – or
(Note: Spaces in the city are replaced with an underscore.

To “optimize” these pages, and your profile page for search engines (Google, Bing, etc.), you should create links from other web sites to these pages as much as possible – the more links you create, the higher your city page is likely to be in the Google results!

It is also important to choose your anchor text wisely in order to optimize for terms that are important or relevant to your company.

For example:

Let’s say your main city page for your territory ranks well when you do a search of “We Buy Houses (+ City Name)”, but you want it to rank better on “Sell My Home Fast”. It will benefit your ranking for that term if you have a link that uses those keywords as the anchor text, i.e. Sell My House Fast Arlington TX

3. Follow the 10-Step SEO Checklist to start promoting your pages here


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