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Much of our recommended “social media strategy” is included here in the SEO section of the site.  In that section, we give you list of 10 things to do to improve the ranking of your “city page” in search engines.  Of those 10 SEO recommendations, 8 of them are related to social media such as:


So, rather than repeat that information here, we encourage you to visit the SEO page and complete the 10-item checklist.

There are some additional points that we’d like to make here in regard to social media.  The main point is this: Participate!  Social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter, plus real estate specific sites such as, give you a very effective and inexpensive means to put the word out that you are ready, willing and able to BUY HOUSES.

Social media sites are also great for sharing your success – post before and after pictures of houses you’ve rehabbed.  Let everyone know you are in process of rehabbing a house for sale or rent to create early interest in the property.


If you become a Pro member on the Bigger Pockets site, you can post deals in the Marketplace Forum for others to see.  This is a great opportunity for wholesalers and others who do not yet have a big Buyer’s List.  We know of no better community in which to advertise your properties, and the annual fee ($150 for Pro account) is minimal considering the ability they give you to put your deals in front of other investors/buyers.

Social media is fastest growing channel in the digital world.  In the coming months, we’ll greatly expand on our recommendations in this area.  Keep an eye here for future updates!

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