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Marketing to probate leads can be a very effective means to find properties that people wish to convert into cash to make it easier to divide the assets of an estate.  Heirs are often not interested in repairing or cleaning an inherited house, especially when it is not close to where they live or work, making it a hassle to coordinate and oversee repairs.  This is the way we look at the situation here at We Buy Houses®, and as result, our marketing maintains a professional image and offers a simple service – we can help you to convert real estate into cash in a short period of time with minimal hassle.  We do not hide who we are or what we can do – and we do not send “yellow letters” with fake “handwriting” that create the false impression that you are just a guy looking for a house.  We do not send insincere sympathy cards to people we do not know.  Our approach is honest and straightforward – we are professionals that are ready, willing, and able to convert real estate assets into cash.

Probate-Letter-PricingOur marketing to probates is a series of WHITE, PROFESSIONAL letters with the We Buy Houses® letterhead and your contact information.  The We Buy Houses® Online Fulfillment Center offers extremely competitive pricing for the production and mailing of these letters (see the table), and we have a proprietary relationship with a data provider for probate leads (by county) all over the U.S.  You can estimate that each probate lead will cost about $2 to $3.  We recommend that you use the First Class STAMPED option as this can significantly increase the open rate of the letters.  So the first mailing will be about $3 to $4 per address.  Subsequent mailings to the address will only cost around $1 (just the cost of printing, stuffing, & mailing in the table above).

Probate is an area in which we believe we have a real “proprietary” advantage with our marketing strategy, our materials, and our processes.  For that reason, we have not posted the content of the probate letters here on our public marketing site.  Please contact us for more information and we’ll help you to launch the world’s most effective probate marketing program right away!


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