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Billboards are a BIG DEAL.  They’re not cheap, but when you compare them to, for example, the cost of sending yellow letters to a list of 3,000 people 5 times over the course of a campaign, they are not out of reach for a We Buy Houses licensee.

Billboards are available in a variety of sizes, and the cost will depend upon factors such as the daily traffic volume that is exposed to the sign.  In addition to billboards along the highway, there are other outdoor options such as park benches and bus stop signage that may be more targeted and affordable.

If you’d like to do outdoor advertising, we will:

  • Assist you in finding & communicating with billboard vendors such as CBS Outdoor and Lamar
  • Create output files in the size & type that is needed by the vendor

We will tailor the art to your needs.  These examples incorporate photos of the local investors:





This is a SET  — (1) BUS SIGNS inside the bus and (2) a 30-ft.-wide BUS Graphic  — that we recently created for our licensee in San Antonio, TX ~






This is a special “silver & gold” version of the logo that we did for electronic billboards in Las Vegas, NV ~



An alternative to a billboard, which could be less expensive and more productive in the long run, would be to buy a used box truck and have the We Buy HousesĀ® artwork screened on both sides of the box.  You can park a truck like this near busy intersections and move it around.  It would be far more powerful than bandit signs, and you could even loan it to families who are moving into your rent houses or homes you’ve sold.


We can create any custom layout that you need for an application like that.  Just let us know how we can help!


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