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We Buy Houses® business cards are an important part of your brand identity.  They tell people that – while many may say “We Buy Houses” – there is only one official business with that name and, in your market, We Buy Houses® is YOU.


We’ve made it super easy to order your We Buy Houses® business cards in our new Online Fulfillment Center.  Please note: FOR NEW LICENSEES, we will order & purchase your first set of 1,000 business cards so relax and let us take care of this the first time!

NOTE: You’ll want to use your email address on this card.  If we haven’t assigned that to you yet, please contact me ASAP and we’ll get it set up.  If you are ordering your cards prior to getting your email address, you may use your firstname.lastname; we should have no problem setting that up for you.


We also assign you local tracking phone numbers that you can use (that transfer calls to any number you wish, such as your cell phone).  If you use your local tracking numbers on your cards and other marketing materials, you’ll be able to track all calls that are generated via your We Buy Houses® marketing efforts.  If you wish to use your virtual local number and you’re not sure what it is, please contact me and we’ll get it set up for you.

Happy Investing!
Dev Horn


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