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Craigslist Strategy

Craigslist could be an easy way to generate some additional leads to your business, but the quantity is not much compared to many other forms of advertising.


  • Free traffic
  • Easy to manage
  • People willing to negotiate


  • People can be untrusting
  • Open to getting scammed
  • Lots of similar ads
  • Have to continually update


  • The peak times to post are 9AM, 12PM, and 5PM, simply because the average worker is about to start working, on a lunch break, or preparing to leave. These are the ideal times in which they would be checking Craigslist for offers.
  • When posting your ad, post in the “Housing Offered” section because it receives the most traffic.
  • The most popular sections are “Real Estate Offered – by owner” and “Real Estate Wanted.”
  • When creating your ad, leave the price, #BR, and SqFt blank. This is used in order to attract more people. The purpose of this strategy is to maximize the number of people that view your ad.
    The “text ads” are the most popular among buyers.
  • Always post a picture. Buyers are more attracted to posts with pictures in them. It makes it more credible.
  • Have multiple ads going at the same time, renewing each one on a rotational basis (having an ad for each day of the week). This will ensure that your ad is always at the top of search results.
    • THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT. You must be able to constantly update your ads to make sure they don’t get lost among other ads. This method is not effective if you do not keep track of your ads and renew them consistently. It is impossible to get leads from this method if people do not see your ad.

Ad Examples

Category: Housing > Real Estate Wanted

Ad 1


Category:  Housing > Real Estate – by Owner

Ad 2



Ad 3


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