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Various options for marketing Requires creating a video in some techniques
Free if not viewed in full (In-Stream) Cost increases the more targeted it is
Specific targeting A lot of similar videos available
 Set your own budget Analysis may not portray unique impressions
 Automatically deletes views/impressions
that appear to be duplicates
Not a real-time analysis

 Ad Types:


  • In-search: an ad shows up above the YouTube search results.
    • Effective if your primary objective is to drive conversions.
    • It would NOT be a good strategy if you are looking to maximize views. It would be more expensive than other options.


  • In-display: an ad shows up on the suggested videos beside the video you are watching.
    • These drive in more quality views because it must be selected.
    • You can manage where it is placed.
    • This video can be of any length.


  • Overlay in-video ad: a transparent ad that appear on the lower portion of the video.
    • Can be closed by viewers, or disappear automatically if no action is taken.
    • Usually shown within the first 15 seconds of the video.
    • Main objective is for brand awareness and to drive traffic to your webpage.

  • Non-skippable in-stream: an ad that appears pre-, mid-, or post-roll while viewing partner content.
    • They can be up to 15-20 seconds and CANNOT be skipped.
    • Have a high abandonment rate.
    • Mid-roll is typically the most effective.
  • In-stream: an ad plays before you can watch your video.
    • Best for awareness, branding, and video views.
    • This is NOT a good strategy for driving conversions.
    • 3 minutes max is the recommended video length.
    • This is the form of advertising that we are currently testing.  We expand on in-stream advertising in the sections below.


Depending on the type of ad format, the pricing can vary from $0.10 (in-search) to $0.30 (in-display). 30-Second Spot
(Used for online; We can produce a LOCAL version for your use)

When using the commercial for your own marketing in your area, you should download the video and upload it on your own YouTube channel and title it as “We Buy Houses [City/county name, State] Phone #”.  For example:
We Buy Houses – Arlington, TX – 817-779-7755

(GETTING THE VIDEO FILE ~ If you’re going to do YouTube advertising, contact us and we will give you instructions on downloading the .mp4 file of the commercial so you can upload it to your own YouTube channel.  If you need help with this, we are here to make it happen for you.)

Want your own specialized commercial like the Philadelphia spot? Contact us and we’ll show you how!

YouTube-TrueView In-stream Advertising (TrueView)

  • Appears before the video; gives the user an option to skip after 5 seconds.
  • The advertising is FREE if the user does NOT finish watching or chooses to skip the ad before 30 seconds.
  • The more targeted the audience is, the more expensive the ads become. (Can be targeted by age, gender,                                                                     location, etc.)

Estimated Cost for YouTube TrueView IN-STREAM Advertising

The “in-stream” advertising is interesting because you only pay for FULL VIEWS (30 seconds or more) of your video ad.  So the questions on your mind may be –

  • What percentage of people watch my ENTIRE AD?
  • How much would I PAY for EACH FULL VIEW of my ad?

Well, here what we’ve found so far in our Dallas-area test market… About 10% of people watch the entire ad and we’re paying about 16 cents per “view” (when they watch the whole thing).  Here’s what the stats look like from a small test:


(Click on the image to see it larger.)

Implementing a YouTube Strategy for your REI Business – Need Help?

You advertise on YouTube via the “Video Advertising” area on your Google AdWords Account.  The video (“ad”) you refer to can live in your own YouTube channel or the We Buy Houses® Corporate YouTube Account.  The easiest way to do YouTube advertising – as an official licensee of our system – is to let us do it for you!  We’ll set up all the necessary accounts, upload the video(s), and execute these campaigns to fit your budget.


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