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Radio and TV advertising are viable alternatives for you IF your We Buy Houses® territory covers multiple cities or counties.  Radio and TV both cover large market areas.  For TV, each market is referred to as a Television Market Areas (“TMA”) which is a group of counties covered by a specific group of broadcast TV stations.  There are 210 TMAs in the U.S.   For radio, Arbitron has defined 302 “Arbitron Radio Metros”, which are typically smaller areas than the TV markets.

On-AirBecause radio and TV cover such large areas, these media are usually not a good fit for investors that are only interested in a single city or a couple of zip codes.  But, if you are looking to dominate your market, radio and/or TV could be a great option.

At WBH, we have extensive experience in radio and television advertising.  We’ve run advertising on every type of network in markets all over the United States.  We know what works, what doesn’t, and the best way to monitor and measure the performance of these media.  Because this information is only relevant to a few larger licensees, and much our knowledge in this area is proprietary in nature, we won’t get into the specifics here on the Marketing Portal.  But for any licensee that is interested in advertising on radio or TV, we’ll be happy to assist you in developing and executing your market strategies for these media.


Radio and TV have exceptional reach, and the response is often immediate*.  Because most people call right when they see or hear the advertising, we – together with our media buyers – can tell which programs are driving the most calls, and then we can fine-tune the strategy to target the programs that generate the most calls.  Because we’ve done it before, we have a very good idea of where to start.

(*Radio & TV are not always “immediate” lead creators.  Response increases AFTER the prospects have heard or seen your message multiple times.  We often see low response rates at the beginning.)

The quality of the leads from radio and TV probably vary a lot from one market to another, but in general we find that you get a lot more “tire kickers” via this type of advertising.  This could work to your advantage if you are a Real Estate Agent or work closely with an Agent, as the tire kickers (who are not true “motivated” sellers) could be a great source for listings.  On the other hand, we’ve found that the true motivated sellers that come through radio and TV have only contacted us/you – in other words, they have not been filling out multiple lead forms on other “Buy Your House Fast for Cash” websites or contacting other investors, so these tend to be truly  “exclusive” leads and that can work to your advantage.


TV/Video (YouTube, etc.)

Check out our latest TV commercials – the first to feature live actors and the NEW JINGLE!

This is the 15-second spot that our licensees usually use for broadcast TV advertising:

And this is the 30-second spot which works well for TV or online advertising.  It was actually designed to tell the story when the sound if off (like on Facebook in-stream advertising):

WANT A CUSTOMIZED TV SPOT FOR YOUR MARKET? The vendor that created this spot could make a version of it that is tailored to your area, if you desire (minimal editing fee will apply – approximately $350 for one spot and $550 if you get both the 15- and 30-sec spots made at the same time).


Radio spots are easily developed in our in-house production studio.  However, in many cases, we found that radio stations will actually offer to create your spots – often having a local on-air personality provide the voice, reading the copy that you have provided.  In these scenarios, we will provide sample scripts.

 Listen to a radio spot from our Birmingham, AL office:  


If Radio and/or TV are a good fit for you, we can and will create whatever assets you need.  Contact our Marketing VP, Dev Horn – dev[at]webuyhouses[dot]com – for more information.


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