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Door Hangers

We LOVE door hangers!  Why?  Two reasons – they are:

  1. CHEAP to print – only 7 to 9 CENTS EACH in quantity of 5,000
  2. CHEAP to distribute – varies by city but in most major metros you can get GPS-verified distribution for about 14 to 18 CENTS per house.

So, that’s about a QUARTER per house to hang your message right on the door.  LESS THAN HALF THE COST OF SENDING A POSTCARD!

One thing to note about distribution – it’s not to a mailing list, but to a geographic area of single family residences (SFRs) such as a zip code (or set of zips), a city, a county, or homes within a radius of a central address.  So door hangers are more of a blanketing strategy than a targeting strategy like direct mail to a carefully selected mailing list.


We have a NEW personalized door hanger available in the Fulfillment Center.  This 4.25″ x 11″ piece incorporates all the elements of your identity – your PHOTO, NAME, LOCAL PHONE NUMBER, and EMAIL ADDRESS ~


ORDERING – Go to the Fulfillment Center and once signed on, click on the business cards in the carousel and then scroll down about half-way on that page to find this door hanger section.  Click on the number you wish to purchase, upload the photo you want, and then scroll down and enter all your personal info in the Profile section.  When done, scroll to the bottom and check out.


We also have these “static” door hangers that maintain a consistent appearance and messaging with our most recent postcard designs.


ORDERING – To order, go to:  Make sure you select 4.25×11 and FULL COLOR front and back.  Upload the files (front and back) below and proceed with the oredering and chak out process.  This is a vendor that can hit the 7 CENTS each price point.


Doorhanger 1 front FINAL
Doorhanger 1 back FINAL

These files are also available in Illustrator and .EPS formats – just let us know if you need those.


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