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Bandit Signs

We Buy Houses® does not support the use of inexpensive plastic “bandit signs” except in situations where the signs are placed on personal property that the investor owns, controls, or has received permission from the property owner. 

At this point, most cities and counties have ordinances that make the placement of bandit signs on public property a civil offense that is punishable via monetary fines.  We Buy Houses® does not support the use of any marketing materials or methods that are unlawful or unethical, and bandit signs are now – for the most part – in that category.

In addition to the unlawful nature of these signs, when they include our trade name “We Buy Houses”, this confuses consumers.  We routinely get calls at our corporate and local offices from upset homeowners who are looking for the “we buy houses” guy who pulled them in with one of those signs and then failed to deliver on what they promised.

If we did use them, perhaps we’d go with one of these innovative designs


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