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Answering Calls in Spanish

Sometimes we get calls from people who only speak Spanish, and we don’t have a Spanish-speaking person available to answer the call.  Rather than lose the lead, we developed a very short phone script that you can learn (yes, you CAN), to enable you to collect the basic information so that you can have a Spanish-speaking person call the seller back.

Here is the script we use at the corporate office of We Buy Houses® —


 ¿Quiere vender su casa?
(Do you want to sell your house?)

 ¿Cómo te llamas?
(What is your name?)

 ¿Cuál es tu número de teléfono?
(What it your telephone number?)

 ¿Dónde está tu casa? ¿En qué ciudad y estado?
(Where is your house – in what city & state?)

 Una persona que habla español le llamará.  ¿Muy bien? Gracias.
(A person who speaks Spanish will call you.  OK?  Thank you.)

Also might need to say:

Yo no hablo español.  (I don’t speak Spanish)    Solo un poco.  (Just a little)


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