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Speaking of Names… WeBuyHouses.COM!

Speaking of Names… WeBuyHouses.COM!

As a result of brand testing that we recently completed, you’ll notice a subtle but important change to your branding.  We’ve found that consumers respond with more ACTIONABLE BRAND AWARENESS when we included the .com in your We Buy Houses® logo.  What that means is, consumers remember the brand better with the .com added, and more importantly, they have a better understanding of HOW TO CONTACT YOU after seeing it.  Here is an example of the revised logo on our new JUMBO postcard:

WBH Postcard 2 front

WBH Postcard 2 back v2


Your licensing rights are not just for the We Buy Houses® website and complete marketing system, you are also licensing the BRAND in your market area.  And the brand is backed up by a federal trademark on “We Buy Houses” and “”.


The change to the new “.com” logo will make your marketing message even more memorable.  Imagine, after sending just a few postcards like those above to your target market, you will have effectively cemented in their mind that there is only ONE – and that is YOU.

I share this with you not just to tell you about this subtle change to your branding, but to emphasize that we are always testing, responding, and evolving to help you to be more successful.  At the end of the day, that’s what it’s all about.