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Create a Buyers List Form using Google Docs

If you have GMail, you also have a Google DRIVE and the ability to produce Google Docs – letters, spreadsheets, forms, etc.

We often hear people real estate investors ask: “How can I create and maintain my BUYERS LIST?”. Given that all our licensees and most everyone else has a Google ID (GMail address), it makes sense to use a GOOGLE FORMS to collect your buyer information.

In this 9-minute video, we’ll show you how to:
1) Create a Google Form for your Buyers List
2) Send that form out via a message, link, email, or web page.
3) Collect your responses in a Google Spreadsheet
4) Send property emails out to the email addresses you collect

You can do this all using your Google Drive via a Google Form & a Google Spreadsheet!  Watch the video now to learn how.


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