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Absentee Owners

Absentee owners are a special type of target audience because you are dealing with two addresses – the PROPERTY ADDRESS and the MAILING ADDRESS of the owner.  As a result, we need a specialized approach for marketing to this audience.  If you simply sent a normal “We Buy Houses” postcard or letter, the recipient would assume you are interested in the property at the mailing address.

For this audience, we are using a modern printing technique called variable printing.  With variable printing, we can provide postcards that are customized for each absentee owner – with a reference to their PROPERTY ADDRESS as the property which you are interested in buying.   We also designed and worded these postcards in such a way that they work well for both in- and out-of-state absentee owners.


ABS-3-1-SET-draft-60pcABS-3-2-SET-draft-60pcABS-3-3-SET-draft-60pcIn addition to referencing the city and address of the property, we also enable you to put your PHOTO, NAME and DIRECT PHONE NUMBER on this variable piece, making it a completely custom marketing asset for your business.

Our variable printing pieces, including these absentee owner postcard, are produced by the We Buy Houses Fulfillment Center at GoBig PrintingNOTE: The process is designed to use absentee owner data from  (we can use data from other sources but extra processing will be required).


To locate these postcards in the WBH Fulfillment Center:

1) Log in here ~

2) Click on the CREATE tab.

3) Click on the DIRECT MAIL link.

4) Click on the (NEW!) folder for ABSENTEE OWNER POSTCARDS.

5) Click on ORDER under the postcard you wish to mail & follow the process to upload your list and get your direct mailing out ASAP! WBH-FC-ABS_PC_page

If you have any questions about using this piece, please feel free to contact dev[at]webuyhouses{dot}com.


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