OK, we know what you’re thinking – the STICKY NOTE?  Yes indeed friends, the Sticky Note (or “Post-It Note”) is the biggest secret in marketing for real estate investors!

Sticky_Note-in-the-wildWhy?  (A) They’re super cheap – less than 2 CENTS a piece to produce pre-printed 3″x3″ sicky notes (depending on number of colors and quantity purchased) + 18 CENTS or less to deliver.  At about 20 CENTS TOTAL, they are less than HALF the cost of sending a post card so you can cover much larger areas with the same dollar investment, (B) they are super targeted – you can choose delivery by zip codes, radius from a central address, or specific blocks of neighborhoods, and (C) they GET NOTICED & RETAINED.

There are 3 key components to this strategy:

  1. The graphics – the image (logo + hand-written text) that goes on the pre-printed sticky notes.  We provide those assets.
  2. The print vendor – we have already provided those graphic assets to a vendor – PensRUs.com – that we know can delivery great quality (BIC Sticky Notes) at an excellent price.  See the link at the bottom of the page to order them from this vendor.
  3. The distribution vendor – the guys that go door-to-door placing door hangers, coupons, and – in this case – sticky notes.  You’ll need to find these guys locally – you can Google the term “door hanger delivery in [your city, state]” to locate them.  If you have any trouble finding a reputable distributor, let us know and we’ll assist you.

We’ve used these to target specific groups of zip codes or neighborhoods, and in most cases, they are more productive – dollar for dollar – than direct mail.  ESPECIALLY when comparing a first mailing to a first  distribution of sticky notes.  We almost always see more calls (on a % basis) from the first wave of sticky notes compared to the first wave of postcards (which typically don’t generate many calls).  We think the higher response from sticky notes is because people SEE them on their door – separate from a bunch of other “messages” – and they SAVE the sticky note easily by sticking it to their refrigerator or some other surface as a reminder.  With the right messaging and the right targeting, sticky notes can have outstanding results.

On our note, the 877-932-8946 number is the 877-WeBuyHouses number that is already routed to you in your territory, and the name “Pat” is used so you’ll know the call came from a Sticky Note.  When people ask for Pat, you just say “He (or she) is not available, but I’m the person that will make an offer on your house.  How can I help you?”

WBH Sticky Note Design 01

Our Sticky Note Strategy is kind of a trade secret, so we ask that you do not share this strategy with anyone outside of the We Buy Houses system.

With the We Buy Houses Sticky Notes, you can place a handwritten note on thousands of doors in your market for ONLY ABOUT 20 CENTS PER HOUSE.  There is no other marketing system for RE Investors that is as productive as our Sticky Notes.

Sticky notes are CHEAP and EASY – even if your marketing budget is small, you can take advantage of this marketing method.  And it just happens to be one of the most effective techniques you’ll find!

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