NEW! Variable-Print Bandit Signs & Absentee Postcards

If you are a licensee, you probably got our SNEAK PEEK announcement about these new advertising assets in development.  Well, they are NOW AVAILABLE for purchase in the FULFILLMENT CENTER.


Everyone knows that absentee owners are a great target list.  The first We Buy Houses® Absentee Owner Postcard quickly became the #1 call generator in our direct mail program.  So we took that first design – improved it – and added two more Absentee Owner Postcards to create a 3-card series.  Here’s a look at one of the new postcards:


See the entire new series of Absentee Owner Postcards HERE.


Our “old” bandit sign has been a WINNER.  People respond to the clear, professional message conveyed via these high-quality printed designs.  To build on this success (and respond to your requests), we’ve just introduced a new set of VARIABLE-PRINT bandit signs.  Now you can choose your message AND put your LOCAL PHONE NUMBER on your signs!  Check out this new design:WBH-Bandit-2-1-B

See all of the new We Buy Houses® bandit signs HERE.

All these new assets are now available in the We Buy Houses® Fulfillment Center ~

We continue to listen to our licensees and develop new marketing strategies and assets that fit your needs and enhance your profile in your local market.  There are a LOT MORE exciting developments right around the corner, so STAY TUNED!

Happy Investing!

Dev Horn
VP Marketing

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