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The Most Common Mistake in Real Estate Investing

The Most Common Mistake in Real Estate Investing

We’re honored to work with some of the best, most professional real estate investors in the country.  Many of our clients are masters at marketing their We Buy Houses® business.  But sometimes we see clients that are struggling to get started.  Maybe they licensed an exclusive territory and then and sat back, waiting for the leads to flow in.  This would be like opening a new restaurant without doing any advertising to tell potential customers that it exists.  With an ad budget of $0, your new restaurant would be doomed to fail like so many others.

Marketing, and specifically advertising, is the fuel that a business needs to run.  Too many small and/or new investors think they can create a sustainable business without putting any fuel into the engine.  Or, almost as bad, they put too little fuel into the engine and expect their business to run at a high capacity.  This is probably the most common mistake that we see in real estate investing.

WBH logo rounded grey medium (1)We want every We Buy Houses® licensee to be successful.  We are providing a complete turnkey marketing system with the best possible brand, website, and phone number.  We’re also providing a wide range of marketing assets and vendor recommendations.  But, just like any business, it’s up to YOU as the leader to take bold steps and make things happen.  We have a few tips to help you get started ASAP:

  1. Start using the We Buy Houses® brand for everything you do – take full advantage of it.  Request a email address from us if you don’t have one yet, and use that for all your correspondence.
  2. Order business cards and 50 to 100 bandit signs.  We recommend that bandit signs should be deployed at a min. of 25 signs per 10 square miles, that you should put out at least 50 per weekend; pick them up when done & follow all local regulations.
  3. Start a direct mail campaign – defining & acquiring your target list + choosing a vendor for the printing and mailing.  We recommend a list of at least 2,500 homeowners, and that you mail to them 5 times over a 3 to 6 month period.
  4. Put We Buy Houses® car magnets on the vehicles you use for your business.   The point is, EXPLOIT the brand in every way possible, because – in your market – you ARE We Buy Houses®.

Great brands advertise.

Mcdonalds_logoWhile a great brand gives you an exceptional advantage, people will not act simply because the brand exists.  Consider a great brand like McDonald’s®.  Everyone knows who they are, what they do, and most likely where to find the nearest McDonald’s restaurant.  But – even with all that awareness – McDonald’s spends an estimated $2 BILLION per year to advertise.  Why?  Because they know they need to influence consumers and encourage them to visit their local McDonald’s for their next meal.  As a result of their dominant brand and significant investment in advertising, McDonald’s is not only the largest fast food restaurant in the U.S. – they sell almost as much as the next four (Subway, Starbucks. Burger King, and Wendy’s) combined.  In future blog posts, we’ll talk about the most effective strategies for marketing your We Buy Houses® brand in your local market.  And don’t worry – you can do it for far less than $2 billion per year.  😉

Marketing is the key to creating a SUSTAINABLE real estate investing business.   And successful marketing is about consistently reaching your target market with your message.

Our goal here at We Buy Houses® is to give you all the tools and knowledge you need to be successful.  Watch this site for more information about a wide range of marketing strategies and assets you can use.  We’re excited about the new developments that are in the pipeline, and we’re certain of your success if you fully exploit the brand and consistently market the We Buy Houses® value proposition in your local market.

Happy investing!

Dev Horn
VP Marketing