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Vendor Profile – InfoUSA

InfoUSA is one of the big list providers that many others (such as use for their data.  They do extensive quality control to ensure that you have better homeowner data and fewer returned mail pieces.  We’ve used InfoUSA for many years.

With InfoUSA, you can target by a wide range of geographic factors – but we use Zip Code here for our example since We Buy Houses is licensed by zips.


They have the typical criteria to use for targeting your homeowner list – the basics such as:

  • Homeowner vs. Renter
  • Type of Residence (SFR vs. multi-family)
  • Value of Home
  • Age of Homeowner
  • Years in Residence
  • Mortgage (yes/no)
  • Mortgage Start Date
  • Wealth Indicator
  • Credit Card Use

You can use these factors to create a well-targeted mailing list, and their lists are compiled in real-time so you can see how many records meet your criteria.  We think this is important, as some sites have you fill out a form and want to call you to discuss your criteria and their pricing.  We think that can be a big waste of time when there are real-time list providers like InfoUSA and the others on our short list.

InfoUSA pricing is very competitive, and you can send mail to your list as many times as you want.  They do recommend refreshing your list at least every 6 months to eliminate any old data.


List – per record        .13  (multi-use, 2,500 records selected)


InfoUSA is very responsive and our Account Executive can help you get exactly what you want at the best possible price. 
Contact:  Joel Meier at (402) 836-1436.


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