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We are an authorized reseller of, so they are our TOP VENDOR for mailing lists. is actually a service of CoreLogic – one of the primary collectors and publishers of consumer and business data in the U.S.  CoreLogic actually collects this data directly from local county tax records and other primary sources.  We like the way that you can slice and dice the data in real-time on their site so you get the exact count of records that meet your criteria. also has some criteria available to you that you won’t see on many other lists, such as:

Equity %  (e.g., set at 40%+ or more)

Mortgage Origination Date (e.g., set at 5-7 years or more)

And they show this one:

Foreclosure / Pre-Foreclosure — but we found that when you use that filter there are zero or few matching records.


List – per record         .18  (single use, 2,500 records selected; MSRP* on their website)
(*Our licensees get a negotiated rate that we cannot list on this site here – please contact dev[at]


You can play around with and get records counts for lists with your desired criteria.  They passed along the following tips:

  • For the most part you always want to start with the “Create Your Own” link once you log into your account
  • Once you click on “Create Your Own” you will have six different categories to filter from including Geography, Mortgage, Property, Demographics, Foreclosure, and Options.
  • You always have to start with Geography – after that just click on all of the different filters to see everything you can filter with and then just start building your list… every time you enter in a new filter the system will give you an automatic count of everything that matches the criteria that you enter.

DOWNLOAD:  Listsource User Guide

Contact Dev if you would like to learn more about mailing lists and direct mail.


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