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We Buy Houses® Offers Real-Time Interpretation Service

We Buy Houses® Offers Real-Time Interpretation Service

Press Release issued Sept. 17, 2013

LanguageLine Solutions Partners with We Buy Houses® to Provide Interpreting Services Nationwide for Real Estate Transactions

– Anyone who speaks one of more than 200 languages now can sell their home more easily and quickly –

LanguageLine SolutionsSM, the global leader in over-the-phone interpreting, announced today it has partnered with We Buy Houses® – a national provider of marketing services to residential real estate investors – to provide interpreting services to investors in their national network. We Buy Houses® investors offer homeowners the option to sell quickly for cash in markets throughout the U.S.

“The demographics of home ownership in the U.S. have shifted dramatically, and we want to be the first in our industry to acknowledge the importance of different cultures and languages in real estate transactions,” noted Jeremy Brandt, CEO of We Buy Houses®. “The number of U.S. homeowners that do not speak English as their primary language has grown dramatically over the past decade. They are now represented across all demographics and geographies, so any successful professional in our business must have a strategy to deal with language barriers. Most of our clients are not multilingual, so it’s critical to have a strong language partner to ensure that can work with all homeowners in the language of their choice.”

“Selling your home can be a difficult and confusing process even if everyone involved speaks the same language. We Buy Houses® investors simplify the home selling process, and now they can do so in more than 200 languages thanks to our 6000 interpreters,” said Scott W. Klein, President and CEO of LanguageLine Solutions. “Armed with only their cell phone, We Buy Houses® licensees can access our Over the Phone Interpretation (OPI) service at the exact moment they need it, in any location. In less than a minute, they connect with an appropriate language interpreter and they are able to conduct business with homeowners who speak a different language.”

“It’s truly a revolutionary capability,” added Brandt. “Our licensees can now access 100% of the opportunities in their local market while delivering services that are highly tailored to the needs of home sellers. Language used to be a barrier in our business. With LanguageLine’s OPI service, we have overcome that barrier.”

The U.S. Census reported that the number of limited English proficient individuals grew by 80 percent between 1990 and 2010 and is expected to continue growing, fueling the demand for even more access to interpreters.

About LanguageLine SolutionsSM

LanguageLine Solutions is the global leader in Over-the-phone interpreting and the fifth largest interpreting and translations company in the world, and is recognized as a trusted partner to nearly 25,000 clients of public and private organizations throughout the United States, Canada and the United Kingdom. For more information about LanguageLine Solutions’ suite of telephone, video interpreting, document translation and localization, and interpreter assessment and training programs, please call (800) 752-6096 or visit

About We Buy Houses®

Trusted by more than one million homeowners, We Buy Houses® is the most recognized brand in residential real estate investing. Every month, the company connects thousands of home sellers to local cash buyers via one of the largest networks of real estate investors in North America. For more information, call (877) WeBuyHouses (932-8946) or visit

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