Aside from our brand license, we also offer coaching for real estate investors. With coaching, we typically divide it into four sections:

  • Education
  • Role Playing
  • Making the Deal
  • Debrief

1. Education

Education is a huge part of coaching. We offer unlimited access to all of our training videos that will give you knowledge on all facets of real estate investing. Learn about what works and what doesn’t! We have worked with hundreds of real estate investors and have gained data on which marketing strategies are best for you.

One of our most popular videos illustrate the secrets of successful real estate investors.

This is one of many videos that really give our investors the edge over their competitors. We also have recommendations on many real estate books and texts that give great advice and secrets on how to be successful in the real estate business. We take pride in educating real estate investors, so they aren’t entering the business completely blind.

Check out our Education Page for more videos!

2. Role Playing

We like to do some role playing so you can gain an idea of how you should act and respond to your leads. This is crucial in securing the deal. This gives investors an opportunity to practice so they can turn that lead into a deal.

3. Making the Deal

Making the deal is important because this is where you earn money. Without a deal, the lead holds no value to you. We’ll teach you how much you should negotiate, and essentially if you should make the deal or not.

Coaching Packages 



Platinum $5000/year
Gold $2500/year
Silver  $1000/year


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