The artwork for the 3″ x 3″ We Buy Houses® Sticky Notes is already available at our preferred vendor –  This is what they look like:

WBH Sticky Note Design 01


They are available in 25-sheet pads for 35 CENTS  per pad when you purchase a minimum of 500 pads.  Let’s do the math on that:

25 sheets X 500 pads = 12,500 sheets total

COST = 500 x .35 = $175 plus shipping

You can increase the quantity by either (a) adding 25 sheets to each pad to create 50-sheet pads for only 28 CENTS more per pad or (b) increasing the number of pads you order.  Let’s proceed with the assumption that you’ll be getting the minimum 12,500 sheets.  (NOTE: Most local door-to-door delivery guys have a 5,000 or higher delivery minimum).



Follow this process to order pre-printed We Buy Houses® sticky notes from

1) Go directly to the 3″ x 3″ Sticky Note product page >>> CLICK HERE. ( will open in a separate window so you can continue to view these instructions…)


2) Select the number of sheets per pad & CENTER for the “imprint location”:


3) Enter YELLOW in the Flood Color, leave the % at 100, BLACK for the imprint and THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT – enter “See BIANCA for art – WBH Sticky Note 01“in Line 1 for text:


4) Finally, just enter the NUMBER OF PADS you are ordering, click Add to Basket and check out!



That’s all there is to it.  If you have any questions, contact dev[at]webuyhouses[dot]com or contact Bianca at

Bianca Ksenzowski