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Check out this 12 minute video on our Exclusive Territory License!  In this presentation, we explain how WeBuyHouses.com gives you a Complete Marketing System for Real Estate Investing that includes BRANDSYSTEMSSTRATEGIES, and SUPPORT you need to take your real estate business to the next level.

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Here’s what you get:



If you are an active real estate investor, you know the #1 challenge that we all face today –finding DEALS.  There are many factors that have created the hyper-competitive market that we’re in today including the housing market recovery, large volume purchases by institutional buyers (“hedge funds”) and the influx of many new individual investors.  If you are marketing directly to homeowners, you’ve probably discovered that you are not the only one contacting the best prospects.  In this environment, getting leads and finding deals is TOUGH.

WeBuyHouses.com® gives you a PROFESSIONAL IMAGE based upon the BEST BRAND in REAL ESTATE INVESTING.   We provide a competitive advantage that helps YOU to rise above the competition.

Have you seen signs that declare “We Buy Houses”?

Sure you have, and so have motivated home sellers.  In fact, motivated sellers will often search on the term “We Buy Houses” in an effort to find a quick cash home buyer like you.  When you’re part of the WeBuyHouses.com® brand, many of those sellers will immediately find YOU.  And when they call or enter their information at WeBuyHouses.com, you will be seen as the BIG FISH in the pond when you call them back and tell them you’re the exclusive WeBuyHouses.com® business in your area.

Imagine showing up to review a property in your car or truck that has We Buy Houses® branding on the doors, then you give the seller your offer on your WeBuyHouses.com® form, with your WeBuyHouses.com® business card attached.  If they have any questions, you encourage the home seller to contact you at your WeBuyHouses.com email address.

Now imagine one of your competitors. who show up to meet that same home seller in vehicles with no identification, with no business brand or professional logos, etc.  They may have no business card (or perhaps some template cards from VistaPrint).  They give the homeowner their email address at AOL or Yahoo.com.  They may be a professional real estate investor – or maybe not.  It’s hard to tell.   Home sellers will often feel uncertain about people that present an unprofessional image.

By comparison, can you see the power of the WeBuyHouses.com® brand image?

YOU can make the WeBuyHouses.com® brand YOUR brand – right now!  Check to see if your exclusive territory is still available and join TODAY.



Most real estate investors are not general contractors.  When performing a rehab on a property, they call in their professional contractors to do the work.  These investors know that trying to do all the rehab work themselves would take more time, produce lower quality results, and ultimately cost more than if they hired a competent team of contractors.

So why do many investors think they should do all of their own marketing?  We see so many people waste valuable time (and money) coming up with business names & logos, setting up websites, creating direct mail pieces, making bandit signs, trying to find good vendors, etc.  These “DIY marketing” efforts often produce poor results because most investors are simply not professional marketing people.  Investors without knowledge of drywall, plumbing, electrical, roofing, and other specialties would never try to do their own rehabs, yet they will spend hours or days andmany dollars trying to design a marketing system without any knowledge of market segmentation, messaging, marketing channels, graphic design, or campaign management.  One investor recently told us:

“I originally thought – how hard could it be to find motivated sellers?  After many failed attempts, I can tell you this:  It’s a lot harder than you might think.  I’ve realized that I need professional help or I’ll just be spinning my wheels.”   Karen B.

The WeBuyHouses.com® system is far more than just a brand and a website/domain.  We provide you with everything you need to hit the ground running in your market with professionally designed campaigns and marketing materials.   In addition, we’ve identified the best vendors and we provide step-by-step instructions (via helpful videos) on how to work with recommended vendors to get the results that you desire.


  • Absentee Owners with Equity (In & Out of State)
  • High-Equity Owners in Targeted Geographic Areas
  • Probate – Executors/Personal Representatives & Heirs
  • Spanish Speaking Homeowners
  • And many more “motivated seller” market segments!

Our professional marketing materials include a wide range of assets, such as:

  • Direct mail – postcards & letters, shared mail
  • Outdoor – bandit signs, billboards
  • Door-to-Door – sticky notes, door hangers, flyers
  • Identity – business cards, car magnets, vehicle wraps
  • Online – search engine keywords and ad copy, SEO & social  media strategies/copy
  • And so much more!

Have you fallen into the trap of “DIY marketing”?

There’s no need to become a marketing professional when you can simply license the WeBuyHouses.com® professional marketing system.  It includes everything you will need to market your business with professional branding, comprehensive & effective marketing strategies, and high-quality marketing materials.

Join the PROS of Real Estate Investing.  Check NOW to see if your exclusive market area is still available!



Ultimately, your marketing has one goal – to generate motivated seller LEADS that you can turn into profit-generating DEALS.  With WeBuyHouses.com®, you’ll have a world-class system for lead generation and management.

WeBuyHouses.com – Let’s face it, this is the absolute best brand, domain, and web site in real estate investing.  And, as a licensee, WeBuyHouses.com is YOU.  Even before you begin to advertise, you’ll find that the WeBuyHouses.com site, domain, and pages have been highly ranked in search engines such as Google and Bing. People are already searching for and discovering WeBuyHouses.com.

The site has been scientifically engineered to pull home sellers through the process easily – the design is clean and the instructions are clear.  And there are advanced features that give you a competitive edge, such as immediate email and text message notification once a home seller submits the form for a property in your territory.  This means that you can literally call the homeowner back within seconds after they click “Submit”.  Imagine the advantage you will have with this kind of responsiveness – you can contact home sellers at the moment that they are thinking about selling, you can be the FIRST investor to speak to them, and you can LOCK IN THE DEAL before others even realize that they have been contacted.

Would you close more deals if you were the FIRST PERSON to contact a motivated seller?

In addition to the professional design and advanced features, the WeBuyHouses.com site also stores your lead information so you can more effectively manage your leads via the WeBuyHouses Back Office application.  You can also manage your complete account via the Back Office including the phone system routing, text message & email routing of leads, billing information, and the management of your exclusive territory (add or remove zip codes, etc.).

1-877-WeBuyHouses & your “Virtual Local Number” – Web leads are great, but there is nothing like having a motivated seller call you directly to see if you might be interested in purchasing their house.  With the We Buy Houses® system, you’ll have both toll-free and local options for incoming calls.

The toll-free number 1-877-WeBuyHouses is a powerful asset for you because it reinforces your We Buy Houses® branding, and vanity numbers are more easily recalled by consumers.  A recent study by 800Response proved that “advertisers can expect up to an 84% improvement in consumer recall rates when they feature a vanity toll-free number rather than a numeric toll-free number in visual advertising media (billboards, magazines)”.

Of course, all toll-free calls related to properties in your exclusive territory will be routed directly to you, and all incoming call data is captured so you will know exactly how many calls you’ve received and you’ll be able to retrieve caller-ID information if necessary.

In addition to the toll-free number, you’ll also receive one or more “Virtual” Local Numbers.  These are local tracking numbers that can be used in direct mail, on car magnets, in Craigslist ads, your business cards, etc.   You can also use your Virtual Local Number (VLNs) on certain advertising pieces to test their effectiveness.  All calls to your VLNs are routed directly to you, regardless of the property address/zip code.  And just like the toll-free number, all calls to your VLNs are captured so you can easily retrieve caller information.

As mentioned above, you can quickly change the routing of the calls (from both your toll-free and local numbers) via your Back Office application.  This means you can easily change the destination of these calls when you go on vacation or business trips, and you won’t have to replace your business cards when you get a new cell phone number.  You may also route your incoming calls to a call center or virtual assistant.

Would an easily-recalled vanity number and professional phone system improve your results?  In addition to offering multiple methods for reaching you, these assets extend the professional image and capabilities that you’ll receive as a licensee of the WeBuyHouses.com® complete marketing system for real estate investors.


The WeBuyHouses.com® system is licensed by cities and counties on an exclusive basis.  This means you will be the ONLYWeBuyHouses.com® licensee in your territory and the web leads and phone calls you receive will be exclusively yours.  But if you wait and someone else gets your territory, it will no longer be available.

We offer the best brand and the most complete marketing system for residential real estate investors.  Our goal is to give you everything you need to ensure your success.  Check now to see if your desired territory is available at We Buy Houses®!

DISCLAIMER:  The WeBuyHouses.com® marketing program is not a franchise.  It is sold as an exclusive license to use the We Buy Houses® & WeBuyHouses.com® branding and marketing systems within a defined geographic territory.  We do not train our clients in this business; the WeBuyHouses.com® marketing program is designed for use by professional real estate investors that already have established processes for buying and selling real estate.  We do not exert any control over the business operations of our licensees, and we do not require them to share their business results, proceeds or profits with us.  We do not require our licensees to advertise or invest in any paid advertising programs.  The marketing strategies, materials, vendor recommendations and support that we offer are all optional and intended to help our licensees make better use of the brand and systems that we provide.  Our licensees are free to choose any vendor(s) they wish for marketing materials, and they are not required to market their business under the We Buy Houses® or WeBuyHouses.com® brands.
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